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Heat Pumps


> Hermetic / Semi hermetic / scroll compressor with internal over load protection

> Air cooled condenser with copper tubes and Aluminium fins

> Shell and coil evaporator for high efficiency

> Refrigerant circuit consists of filter dryer, thermostatic expansion valve / capillary, accumulator

> Controls with safety devices - high and low refrigerant pressure switches, low water level flow switch

> All Refrigerant tubing is of high grade copper

> Digital temperature indictor controller for precise temperature controlling

> Visual indication for controls

> Pumps suitable for high flow and pressure

> Automatic water level control system for all models


* SR - Sealed(Hermetic)Reciprocating          * SS - Sealed Scroll

Note : Water flow rate for the unit will be maintained between 2 and 3.75gpm/ton
Above units are readily available
Unit design can be customized/modified according to the client requirement, if necessary
Values show are most severe and may vary slightly depending on compressor models supplied.
Units for 60Hz available on order
Actual outputis based upon an ampient (outdoor)temperature of 32°C

*The above data and specifications are subject to change without any prior notice for product improvements